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Even though historical reports and studies of lake sediments in Switzerland are documenting numerous tsunamis, the basics and methods for assessing this danger - and the resulting risk on land - are still lacking. Also the typical warning times, the possibilities and limits of alarming are currently only insufficiently known. This work package, financed by the FOEN, is intended to comprehensively characterize for the first time the danger of tsunamis in Swiss lakes such as Lake Lucerne, Lake Brienz, and others and thus contribute to a sustainable and practice-oriented risk management.

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Example of a probabilistic analysis of the expected wave height in Lake Zurich, calculated for an occurrence probability of 0.5% in 50 years (Strupler et al., 2018, Swiss Journal of Geoscience).

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Collaboration between WPhazard(Tsunami-CH) and WP wave. The input data are given by WPhazard and the tools for numeric modeling are provided by WP wave.