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Project overview

Tsunamis do not only happen in oceans, but they do also occur in lakes. The aim of this project is to understand the trigger mechanisms, preconditions, processes and impacts of lake tsunamis within an interdisciplinary environment (limnogeologist, seismologists, geotechnical specialists, hydraulic engineers and hazard specialists). The results of each work package will finally be combined and used for a hazard assessment of Swiss lake tsunamis. This project is financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Federal Office of Environment and the ETH Zurich.

Work packages

Response: seismological and geotechnical characterization of slope instabilities under seismic shaking

Delta: characterization of sub-lacustrine slope failures (collapses) in deltas

Paleo: characterization and dating of historical and prehistorical tsunami deposits

Wave: investigation of sliding mechanisms and the associated tsunami generation and propagation based on numerical and hydrological models.

Hazard: contribution to a sustainable and practical oriented risk management for tsunamis in Swiss lakes